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Canon Rangefinder Telephoto Lenses

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Canon Serenar 85mm F2.0 chrome with finder - 1951

Canon Serenar telephoto lens 100mm f 4.0

Canon Telephoto 100mm f2.0 (1959) on Canon VT

Canon Serenar telephoto 135mm f4.0 (1950)

Canon reflex on left; Canon rangefinder on right
Identical optical formula lenses 135mm f3.5 for rangefinder and reflex Canons

Prior to the introduction of the Canon II B, with its improved viewfinder-rangefinder for telephoto lenses, the Canon 135mm f4.0 lens was not rangefinder coupled.  The 135mm telephoto lense show at the left was the coupled 135mm telephoto introduced for use with the improved Canon three position viewfinder-rangefinder.
Canon, unlike most other lens manufacturers made a speciality of the 100mm focal length.  This focal length was on of the standard positions on most of the Canon 3 position viewfinder-rangefinders of Canons prior to the Canon V.  The 100mm f2.0, illustrated here in a late black finish of about 1959, as well as being a massive piece of glass was also an excellent performer, being both sharp and relatively flare resistent, when used with its furnished lens shade.

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